The 10 Coolest Office Interior Design

It must be recognized that most of the offices where we work every day are more than boring, not to say “grey”, and we spent a few hours sitting there. In this case, we review the heads of conscience to present the ten coolest offices of the moment. Ten spaces and offices with an innovative design for offices, where work, at least in view of the worker … it’s a pleasure!

The concept of office and its future

We all know the definition of office but we have to start thinking that the paper and the typical photo of a physical space of work is changing, it is increasingly flexible and needs other features, technology, and facilities to better fulfill its functionality.

As an example, for the first time in the history of companies appears the concept of “remote employee”, is that worker who is not physically, but is as present as those who are. That is, technology is changing the concept of modern office and we have to be prepared for a future that needs adaptable jobs. Highly recommended to see the video to begin to understand the projects of offices presented in the post. Maybe the word “office” is superficial!

Examples of modern offices

The designer Alexander Fehre presented a minimalist Loft Office with a character that corresponded to a single floor of an old industrial building in the city of Schorndorf, on the outskirts of Stuttgart, combining a modern decoration of minimalist and modular furniture with a fluted ceiling and floor of wood.

From the architect-designer, Peldon Rose has designed a new space that highlights the distribution of offices for charity Friends of the Earth based in London. Including vertical gardens for indoor! An eclectic design where the combination of styles, colors, and furniture with an industrial touch manages to link a harmony of elements.

Workspace optimization and employee well-being were the order of the day at Selex ES’s architecture and interior design offices, such as Sketch Studios, known for providing modern solutions using furniture and quality materials. They carried out a reform of an office in Southampton highlighting the industrial style of the area with touches of futurists. A range of grey and red well combined!

In response to the growth of the Internet, virtual classrooms and the high expectations of the Russian company Yandex, architects have completed the extension and renovation of its office in St. Petersburg, to include a whole new floor of the building. An office decoration is forbidden for cardiac madness executed by a bright and original interior decorator with immovable materials. An agency framed in a line yet to be known but which undoubtedly highlights good taste and ideas with aesthetic quality.

A decoration of modern offices and unique offices that brings the feeling of well-being and undoubtedly work from the perspective of the most cutting-edge technology.

The gold ratio. Interior design office that provided an alternative approach to the concept of communication and corporate image. Creativity and good work! With wood as the main base material, the light and crystal of the protagonist leave us an evocative office design.

The Axis International Design studio has designed a new office concept for the Smart-Space 3 business center, which is a part of the Hong Kong Cyberport community. Vivid colors intertwine to create harmony and sensory coherence in a cabinet dedicated to looking at the future. Although the decoration we like also for a house or house!

The question of the million … How to decorate a modern office? … Well, why not start with the color white as a base. From San Francisco in California. A new buffet design has been developed based on the purest industrial design style in the area. Sensations, many! And modernity in abundance.

The interior design studio 44th Hill has recently completed the design of the offices for its base in luxurious London, United Kingdom. Robust wood and tradition well combined with vintage industrial look make it a Top Ten of good taste taking care of even the smallest detail; lamps, clock, lighting … etc. A different agency style!

Amos and Amos have referenced furniture and historic warehouses in London for the interiors of the new offices in London. Designed AKQA innovation agency. Keeping the spaces open, few walls and lots of light in a distribution of the office that actually resembles more a commercial place or a “bar” than an own agency, but in reality that is where the charm of this singular place is.

Office furniture distribution

One aspect that leads many people is to get a small or large office plans to understand a reasoned and useful distribution in front of the workplace. How to distribute an office? … Whether small or large, from the following example of plans on two floors we can distinguish many types and adaptations apart from recognizing job adaptability tips without losing sight of office separation and decoration.

Important to keep in mind three points; natural light, color and the health of spaces. So we leave three articles of interest:

– Natural light in spaces

– Color and its psychology

– Modern and healthy homes

– Office decoration advice

Whether you work from home or drive to work every day, you are likely to spend a lot of time behind your desk. Decorating the office is a great way to improve both your productivity and your state of health. So let’s go over some quick tips:

Consider putting a fish tank. It may seem a bit strange at first glance in the interior design of an office, but a small aquarium could be just what you need. There are many benefits tested and associated if we have a nearby fish tank:

– Higher levels of happiness

– Low heart rate and blood pressure

– Reduced levels of stress

And who does not want to enjoy these benefits when they are trying to meet a deadline.

Keep the color scheme simple … Did you know that the color of your office can affect your productivity? Although white and grey are the most common colors, they are actually the ones with the worst levels of productivity.

Choose a relaxing color like light blue or sage green and accentuate it with neutral colors. It will help you to be more productive, it is amply tested. On Thespurce online magazine we found a very interesting article about using neutral colors in decoration.

If you really want to decorate a modern office, remove the bulky wooden furniture and opt for chrome or metalized. Metallic finishes on the legs of the chairs, tables, and shelves on the walls are the easiest way to give your office space a modern and industrial look.

Simplify the accessories, organize an orderly and consistent office distribution in the company, and leave the desk clean of clutter. The minimalist style comes with many benefits.

Remember that modern spaces can not only increase your productivity but also should give off beauty.

The sustainable office

Of course, the design or good taste is not incompatible with an office that meets standards of sustainability or recycling in their equipment.

Currently, the ecological or eco offices are giving a twist to the modern concept of an office where the health of the user and a recycled furniture prevail without wasting that image we offer to our clients of environmental responsibility and professionalism. So we find this writing and its style very interesting.

The practical handbook for the healthy office

From the report “Health, wellbeing and productivity in offices: The next chapter for green building” is indicated that there are a series of factors – from air quality and lighting, to the views of nature and distribution internal- that can influence the behaviour of its users in an Office; in health, satisfaction or work performance of workers.

The report in which different companies specializing in office interior design have participated offers some simple guidelines that can be used to measure the health, productivity or welfare of their buildings in order to provide relevant information on how to act and benefit the occupants of the office. Also of interest is the guide article for reforms and works for the advice that is provided in decoration and materials.

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