The Importance Of The Armrest In The Office Chair

There are many factors that we must take into account to find the perfect chair. The importance of the armrest in the office chair is one of them since the arms must rest in a comfortable support to avoid shoulder, cervical, neck and hand pains.

According to information published in Digital Journal about the risks of desktop work with data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are 650,000 musculoskeletal disorders related to office work, which translates into a cost of more than $20 billion for employers. A fact that further demonstrates the saying that cheap can be expensive.

In this way, having an ergonomic office configuration can alleviate these disorders by including fully adjustable features, designed specifically to support the back and neck. From the placement of the keyboard at a distance from the chair to the armrests, all the elements are essential.

The armrests are usually understood as complements of the office chair, however, they are essential to prevent muscle damage in the joints and tendons. In addition, the importance of the armrest in the office chair also resides in an essential complement to eliminate tension in the back and shoulders, as well as to avoid burdening the abdomen in the working day. It is recommended that the armrests be sufficiently long and with a slight inclination to reduce these office annoyances.

There are different levels of quality when it comes to office chairs with armrests.

We show you the reasons why you should opt for a chair with armrests:

The armrests facilitate the changes of postures, sit down and get up. The chairs with fixed armrests will allow you to release tension and rest your back after long hours of work. Another point to note in relation to the importance of armrests in the office chair is that they allow the seat to approach the table without forcing postures.

For this reason, the armrests must be adjustable in height. In case they are fixed, they should extend about 20 or 25 cm from the backrest to avoid tensions and muscle contractures. When there are no armrests, or when the keyboard is low, the 17 can be a good alternative.


From the ergonomic point of view, it is not essential to have armrests, but they are highly recommended. And it is essentially a matter of giving a holistic approach to our health in office work since correctly applying ergonomics in the workplace could be the key to increasing the productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of our company.

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