The 10 Coolest Office Interior Design

It must be recognized that most of the offices where we work every day are more than boring, not to say “grey”, and we spent a few hours sitting there. In this case, we review the heads of conscience to present the ten coolest offices of the moment. Ten spaces and offices with an innovative […]

Office Ergonomics: Tips

The ergonomics in the office is the way to delay or improve the discomfort derived from excessive work in near vision. This science has a series of recommendations.

The Importance Of The Armrest In The Office Chair

There are many factors that we must take into account to find the perfect chair. The importance of the armrest in the office chair is one of them since the arms must rest in a comfortable support to avoid shoulder, cervical, neck and hand pains. According to information published in Digital Journal about the risks […]

Advantages Of Modular Furniture For Office

One of the trends in interior design that arrived several years ago to stay is to furnish offices and offices with modular furniture. This solution that began as a way to optimize spaces has matured over time to cover another type of needs shared by modern offices: the creation of collaborative workspaces, the versatility of […]

Importance Of Aesthetics In Office Furniture

One aspect that has always been important for office furniture is the aesthetic. The furniture is part of the corporate image of the office and therefore has to be complemented with architectural elements and decoration. On the other hand, the aesthetic characteristics of the furniture also tend to be useful as a differentiating element of […]